Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kids Health

The first thing that I am going to cover is a program that helps inform parents on how much TV a child should watch, per day. This website would also help kids by having better games to play.  According to the website called children should have only a couple of hours a day of screen time. Whether that time be on the computer doing homework or watching their favorite television program. "Kids Health" is part of a larger organization called Kaiser Family Foundation which is a non-profit organization. They are amending in helping families with all issues of life. Some of the topics they cover in one of their articles are how the lack of exercise leads to overweight children, which they are saying that is due to the amount of screen time children have per day, now days.
 One thing that I like about this website is that they have live people that you can talk to through chat. In order to talk with a person you would have to go through main page, choose either parent or child, and then communicate. The amount of TV that infants and toddlers should be watching is none at all. Kids under the age of six watch an average of two hours a day. That is primarily TV, videos and DVDs. Also kids between the ages of eight to seventeen years of age spend up to four hours a day with a screen in front of them. One way to cut that time in half is to plan on playing some kind of physical activity. After some time of playing more games and family interaction children would forget that they have screen time daily.  Not all of the shows are educational that say that they are. Later in my blog you will see what I mean by children learning different information than what the programs is saying. Now let’s take a look at one of the first TV's and how they are different to today's TV's.

"How TV Affects Your Child." Kids Health. Kizer Foundation, 2010. Web. 6 Oct.


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