Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome to this Blog

I tend on looking for information in many different places such as: the Internet, books, newspaper, and my personal experience to better understand on whom should be in charge of what children watch on television. I will look at how the available channels for children under the age of seventeen.  I chose these years because I have two younger siblings in their teens that think that they can watch whatever they want.  The parents and the television companies are both saying that the other one is responsible for what is on the screen. I have a personal interest in this topic.  Topics that you will find in my paper is: rating system for all things with screen, how I would change the rating system, different shows that are being watched by children now and then, also my thoughts on this topic. I want my audience to know that these ratings are out there for them to use in their own lives when they want to know more about something that interest them.


  1. I am looking forwards to in learning more about how children interact with the tv and why children are upset after watching tv. I thought that there was only on systum for everything but apparently not.

  2. I was looking up pictures of TVs online and it broght me to this blog. Well after i clicked on the huge picuter of a tv. I have never heard of a blog before and this looks really cool. how do you become a fallower of a blog.

  3. click on my fallowers tab. click yahoo. it will ask you to log into your yahoo acount. click fallow. chose a screen name. click done. it will close the window for you. then your picture and screen name should show under my fallow section next to everyone else. hope that this helps you and thank you for liking my blog.