Monday, October 18, 2010

What Would You Allow?

There is something called too much TV, video games, computer time, and cell phone use. The younger the child is the less time a child should have to utilize them. I spend different amounts each day. That is due to the amount of homework that I have and if I work on that day or not. Children do not have that problem of working and most do not have computer assignments until they are older. Children three years old and younger should not have any screen time at all as you have read in my brain development post at the beginning of the blog. Children the ages of four to nine should only allow thirty to forty-five minutes a day. That is depending on what homework they might have and how much free time they have outside of sports. Children the ages of ten to fourteen should have sports to keep them busy therefore only one hour per day for them. They have papers that they have to do and are talking on phones more. Children fifteen to seventeen have an hour and a half to use any of the above resources. They are generally hanging with friends at the mall or playing a sport. After the time that they have at school working on homework the time at home should not be that long.  Adding up all of the time for the week per age group it comes out to be ages under three no time. Ages four to nine is between two-hundred and ten to three-hundred and fifteen minutes a week, which is around five hours per week. Ages ten to fourteen comes out to be four-hundred and twenty minutes a week or six and a half hours total. Children ages fifteen to seventeen are at ten hours a week on average. It did not sound like a lot of time per day, but instead of doing everything in one day spread it out throughout the week and you should be fine. Knowing the amount of screen time that should be allowed for a child during a certain age, take a look at the physical reasons behind them in my next post.

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  1. I would not let no kids look at the screen for no longer then 10 hours

  2. Do you realize that ten hours is most of the day. If so, are you including cell phone use and facebook.