Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why Children Watch the Shows They Do.

Children today cannot get enough of their cell phones, the Internet, and the latest movies or shows. It never used to be that way. Children were depended on helping put food on the table, now days it is a more relaxed setting that involves some more fun. I'm not sure why we have gone from hanging with the family with interactive games to the over use of the screen technology, but we have. According to my research, Children and the Entertainment Industry, an anthology edited by Karen Miller, shows what it is like to be a child star.  One of the articles is titled "Production Studios Foster the Careers of Child Stars" and the author talks about how kids spend most of their time acting, leaving little time for anything else. The producers see more of the kids than their families once the children are in show business. Some children like to become doctors, engineers, firefighters, and some are dreamers. The dreamers that I'm talking about are the children who are old enough to know that they want to be famous, not the children who are placed into fame. Children are becoming singer(s), actor(s), dancer(s) or comedian(s) all in one big package, not just one talent, but as a mix. They know how to be funny, how to dance and at the same time others can sing and act. The children that people were looking up to just ten years ago were The Olson Twins, Lindsey Lohan, and Hilary Duff. Today's child stars are looking up to Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Raven Symone. All child stars are acting twice as much as they were just in the recent years and little less acting like a normal child. I did want to become a singer, but I did not think that I could handle all of the fame because I am a really shy person. All children look up to the one that they admire and now days it is not any different. Kids now days dream the same way as the children in the past according to the author of this article, "Productions Studios Foster the Careers of Child Stars." To close this blog up read the post right above this one and you will have an over view of the whole blog.

Ascher-Walsh, Rebecca. "Are Children in the Entertainment Industry Exploited?"
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  1. I have a ten year old daughter who has to have everthing hannah montah. Also her older sister fell in love with the show That So Raven and she was the same way. This helped me understand a little bit more why they are and did such a thing.

  2. After all what lindsy lohan has done in the last couple of month couple of years i can't belive that children are looking up to her as a role modle. who is hillery duff, as in i thought she fell of off the face of the earth because we haven't heard much from her latly. speaking of not hearing much of people latly. where is raven now. she used to allways be in the news now she has dissapeared. miley has a long way to go until she knows who she is and what she really want. i think that gose the same way with selena as well. thanks for posting this. it is a good conversation starter.