Sunday, October 17, 2010

Moving From One To Another

We have looked at many different aspects of children's TV programming. First thing was the online chat program that is there for children and parents. Next was the history of the first TV, how screens affect the brain, then some pictures of little kids in their stare expressions, and then history of the phones. After that we covered all of the ratings: US TV ratings, US video games ratings, and what I would consider to be a good rating system for all things with screens. Also, I talked about how other countries have different systems than ours. I compared the number of shows that was in the nineteen eighties to the present two-thousand and ten top shows followed by how many shows there were, there are and are going to be in the future. There are some shows that are for older children that younger children watch with them. Those shows are: Modern Family, Tomorrow Pioneers, and Lazy Town, all of which seem at first glance good for children's shows or programs. Now let's take a look at the following part of my blog. I will talk about what the right amount of screen time for children is and what the amount of time that they do have does to their bodies. There are different effects like physical and developmental as well. Also advertising to children and how their views are different than adults. Lastly I will discuss why children want to watch the programs they do and play the games that they play. Let's start off with what the approximate amount of time is.

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  1. I have never heard of some of these shows and I had no idea that there are different ratings for each thing. Right after I read this post I went home and looked at the games that I let my little children watch. They are ages 5,8,10 years old. I was allowing them to play a game that said no younger than thirteen years of age. I got ride of the game imediatly. Also they did not like that idea of getting ride of there games.

  2. What is a blog? How is a blog different from a web site? What makes you want to use one more so than another on a topic?