Thursday, October 7, 2010

TV Rating System


All Children: This program is for all children and adults.
No matter live-action or animated themes
young people would be able to watch. It
is not frightening for anyone. They are general for 2 to six years of age.

Older Children: This program is only for children seven
years old and older. The content is for
developed skills so that the material
could be distinguished between
make-believe and reality. Comedic violence
and fantasy may occur, and be scary for
young children. Parents are asked to
watched with their child. This is just for seven years of age.
Older Children Yet:  Programs have fantasy violence
 and is more intense with
 combative themes. Child age
target is eight and older, but mainly
twelve or thirteen.
General Audience: All ages would be able to watch
 the program. Parents could
leave their child unattended, if
wanted to. It has little to no violence
or strong language. Also no sexual
 dialogue or situations. 

Parental Guidance Suggested: This program contains suggestive
dialogue, infrequent coarse language,
 some sexual situations, and moderate
 violence.  Parents should watch
with their kids and only over the
age of fourteen should view the content
of the program.
Parents Strongly Cautioned: No younger than fourteen years of age.
Parents are strongly urged to
exercise greater care in monitoring
this program and is cautioned.
 All of the fallowing will be in the
program: Sexual sense and language,
intense violence, fantasy violence
 and strong language.
Mature Audience Only: The audience must be seventeen
 years or older. This is the R
rated movie show rating for a
TV show. This has strong
language, violence, sexual related
 material and emotion.


  1. Very interesting on how this is categotized.

  2. i think that this is confusing whit all of the others we have to know. i like your idea better.

  3. you mispelled a word. it is with not whit. just wanned to let you know. i like this blog and i'm thinking about using this information for a project that i am doing for high school. at lest look up the sources that you used.