Saturday, October 9, 2010

How I would Rate All things with Screens

After seeing all of the ratings that are out there for the Untied State can get confusing from the difference between them. Here is what I would do and this would go for all things that needed to be rated. I would give these ratings to movies, TV programs, video games and internet access.
1.     TVY Television for younger viewers. I would have 0-5 years of age only view the learning your shapes and color shows.

2.     TVPT Television for Preteens I would allow the 6-9 years of age to have comedy violence which would be like Road Runner and Bugs Bunny. No real people involved with the show.

3.      TVT Television for Teens. Then I would have the 10-13 year old, to where they are now allowed to watch some of the violence that they are saying that 7 year old should be able to watch. Some of the language is not all that pleasant but they are able to handle the adult sense of humor.

4.  TVK- Television for King Sized children14-16 year olds are now there is evens more violence than any other rating and the language is a little rougher than the one before. Also there is some sexual contact but nothing that makes a person feel uncomfortable watching it.

5.  TVLD- Television for Licensed Drivers. This is the category that I would be making for the 17 and 18 year old to get them ready for the next rating. The only thing that is not in this rating that is in the next rating is the horror scenes. You know the blood and guts kind of movies and TV shows.

6.  TVA-Television for Adults. This is the final rating category for the 19 year old and older. In other words mature audiences only and at that it is at the viewer discretion to watch the show/movie or not. 

 My point is that young children remember seventy-five percent of what they hear, see, and read. The information should be positive with little to no violence and bad usage of language.  All of the ratings that I have been talking about so far are only good here in the United States.  However other countries have different ratings and the next topic that will be discussed how they are different from one another.


  1. You have really done some reach. I am wanting more information. What else can you tell me on this topic. Very interesting how it is broken down into sections by age.

  2. I like this idea and I think that it would work if someone with a little more importance in the rating world came accross with this it might actually work.