Monday, October 4, 2010

Children's Brain Development

We all know that screens make us tired and that our eyes hurt after a while looking them. What you may not know is that it also hurts the way that the brain is developed. Not all programs are bad for children to see because they can learn subject such as: foreign language, shapes, colors, ABC's and safety. On the flip side not all programs are good either. Tom and Jerry may have some good points in the program, but the program is not based on educating children. One of the problems with too much screen time is how it affects the brain on the face to face inter action skills, that is necessary to have as you get older.  Communication is very important to have once you go out into the work force and the best time in your life to learn how to talk to other people is when you are first learning how to talk.  That leads me into my next point on what age is bad for children to have a screen in front to them.  The worst age for a child to have a screen in front of them is under the age of three. The reason why children of those ages believe whatever they see and hear has to do something where there brain is in developing. Another reason why a child under the age of three shouldn't have any screen time is the part of the brain that should be used for storing information will be used for "silly cartoons". In the next blog post you will see some pictures of kids playing games and watching TV. There is a large age range.


  1. I am the kind of person who is intrigued by things like this article. It pulls you in and tells you facts. I want to learn more to help protect the children and get the word out.

  2. My son was having trouble in school. I knew that he is much smarter that what his grades show. I told him that he was to only have half a hour of screen time a day and no more. He did not like that at first but the he learned that he had more time to play with his toys that he forgot that he had and there was more time to study. His grades went to F's to C's in only two weeks. I read this a while ago, but I was wanting to see if what you said was true. It is and thanks. I have my son back. He is ten years old.