Friday, October 8, 2010

Video Game Ratings

Now that you have seen the ratings for TV here is the video games ratings.
Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB)
E- Everyone.
 Here are some of the categories they fallow:
1. Alcohol Reference, is there any in the shot
2. Animated Blood, unrealistic blood shown
3. Blood, real blood or real looking blood
4. Blood and Gore, Body parts
5. Cartoon Violence, violent actions with cartoon faces
6. Drug Reference, any images or suggestive drug presence
7. Fantasy Violence, violent actions of fantasy nature involving real/unreal situations
8. Language, mild to moderate
9. Lyrics, mild reference involving sexuality, violence, alcohol or drug use in the lyrics
10. Sexual content, language, theme, violence, and gambling have their own section

The next blog post is going to be over how I would rate all things with screens. There is some difference between them, but I think that it works better.


  1. Never heard of some of these.

  2. I looked up the rest of the ratings and I never knew that there were so many and that makes me question why there are so many.

  3. if that is only some of them how many more is there?