Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Popular Shows for All Ages, Not.

We just looked at shows that were rated the top ten shows of the eighties and present day. Here are some shows that are supposed to be for the whole family, but are only appropriate for the older children.
The meaning of the show is to let the public know that there are many types of family's all over the world.  To the left is a picture of Modern Family cast. The show airs on ABC Family at seven every Wednesday night. The critics gave this show eight point seven out of ten. The age that you have to be to be able to watch this show is thirteen years old. It is a sitcom comedy that is not for the little ones in the family, therefore how cans it be a family show? They make commits on adult content and the show has some language that is definitely not for young children. There are some parts of the show that the kids could see, but other parts not so much.  Here is the plot in a nutshell. The blue plaid shirt is married to the lady in the pink shirt that is sitting down. They have three children: Blue jacket, Green shirt, and Yellow shirt. The pink shirt lady and the red head guy sitting next to her are brother and sister.  They are children of the old guy. The old guy and the high-five lady are married. The boy in the Orange shirt is high-five lady's son from the first marriage. That leaves the sky blue shirt married to the red head and the little girl in the red dress is their adopt daughter. In the post right after this one is a video clip that will help explain what I mean. The video is a clip from one of the episodes of Modern Family.


Here is another popular show that was turned into series of movies called Scooby Doo and to the left is a picture of the most recent movie cover. The most recent edition of the Scooby Doo franchise is based on a small town of Crystal Cove, a place with a long history of ghost, demons, phantoms and other paranormal activity. Every child has their own limit on how scary they can handle without having bad dreams. The new changes of this movie could be a young child's limit. That being said this would not be a good show for a child to watch right before he or she goes to sleep.  It could cause brain development problems that the children may not have otherwise. Scooby Doo, when the show first came out, was a funny show that also made you kind of scared, in a cartoon kind of way. All of the characters were funny, but my personal favorite was Scooby doo and shaggy. From the more resent Scooby Doo movies it is just about how each character is trying to solve a mystery, not just about a talking dog.  Plus the features are more realistic than what they used to be. I would allow children ten and older to watch this show, but only with someone over the age of eighteen. I think that just anyone younger could be misled between the difference of real life and fantasy world.

The next three blog entries will be covering show that are kid appropriate, but I feel that the rating  are not kid appropriate.  The shows are The Modern Family, Lazy Town and Tomorrows Pioneers.  and


  1. Please name some shouw, movies, video gamess that you thinkk has been rated to low for the rating that it has been given. Aslo are there any shows that you think that it should not have been made. such as horer movies or pupet related movie/shows. I am writting children unter the age of seventeen so please let me know what you think.

  2. After reading your article, I look back at the shows I watched and didn't think anything was wrong with them. Now that I'm older and see them, I can't believed I watched them.