Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Modern Family" Trailer

The first of the shows that I want to talk about is Modern Family. This show was designed so that people who have families like this one would have a show to watch. The families in the show are not your typical mom, dad, and three children. Little children are not to watch this show because there is some content that is not for younger children. Since the word 'family' is in the title people would think that it is a family show. Not all of the content in the show is bad, but there are enough parts of the show that makes it inappropriate for kids. In this video clip from the show Gloria Pritchett, the wife, tries to convince Jay Pritchett, her husband that he needs to slap the chicken to get all of the evil spirits out before it is cooked. He starts slapping the chicken and the noise that he makes sounds funny, which would attract young children. This scene has adult humor.

Here is the YouTube URL to watch other videos on Modern Family.


  1. This is a funny show but there is now way that I would allow a child to see it no matter how funny it is.

  2. I would like to know more about this show. Such as the story line behind the show and what the wirtters were thinking when they were writing the lines for the show.

  3. I do not see anything wrong with this clip but i do agree that as an over all show that children should not watch it.