Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Then and Now shows for Kids

Top 10 then:                                                                     Top 10 Now:
1 Animations                                                                     1. Hannah Montana
2. Barney                                                                          2. Sweet Life on Deck
3. Snoopy                                                                         3. Wizards of Waverly Place
4. Tom and Jerry                                                               4. The Wiggles
5. Mickey Mouse                                                              5. Scooby Doo
6. Sesame Street                                                              6. Sponge Bob Square Pants
7. The Jetsons                                                                  7. Sesame Street
 8. The Electric Company                                                  8.  Obi
9. Kennan and Kel                                                            9. Dora the Explore
10. All That                                                                      10. Lazy Town

All of the programs were rated for a child to view. Some of them I do not agree with. Not all of the top ten programs are watched by every child in America, but there are enough children watching them to put them in the top ten.  The show that made both the then and now shows surprised me, because I did not realize that they were that popular. The next blog post will take a look at two different programs that children tend to watch with someone of an older age. This information is based on many different web sites. I took the average of them and this is what came out to be.


  1. I agree with this. they shoud put plenty of the old shows back on. I would like to see Gulia Gulia island and gumby back on. i have never heard of Obi. Tom and Jerrys on and i love that show. I dont get a lot of time to watch tv but when i do i would love to see these shows on.

  2. I Have never really seen most of these shows and I think that I used to watch this show as well. Some of the shows are inapproate for children to see becasue what they are really teaching them is no good. I looke it up on youtube to learn more about the shows.

  3. I forgot about some of these shows.