Friday, October 15, 2010

Muslim Mickey Mouse: I Love Death and Mayhem!

The second of the three blog posts is about Islamic people trying to convert young children to be aggressive, but they cover that up with a look-a-like Mickey Mouse,Farfur, teaching ABC's. I know that this program  is banned from the United States TV and that is why they put it onto the Internet. They have topics that would be acceptable for Muslim children, who have grown up around it for generations. Children in the States could get the wrong message. Children have a hard time telling the difference from make believe and real and this show would confuse them to no end. I found this show when I googled "little kid shows." I do not agree with the content of the show or which character that was chosen to copy for what the message is that they are trying to say. Mickey Mouse is known for being fun and exciting. The Mickey Mouse that they have is little more aggressive.  Children may be taken in by this if they do not know any better. This is an example of a child's show that I don't think that they should watch. The reason why I don't want them to watch it is because they are telling little kids that it is okay to go and kill whoever you do not like or that is different than you.

"Mickey Mouse on Hamas TV Teaches Children about Islamic Rule." Tomorrows
     Pioneers. YouTube, Palestine, 6 Apr. 2007. List verses the ultimate top
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Here is a link that has more information about this program than what I have.


  1. I think this is very informative. I had no clue this was going on but it doesn't surprise me something like this actually does happen. It makes you think about the violence, hatred and negativeness that goes on. Why would someone want to create evil in innocent children who don't know better? Why doesn't this program/people get approved for the US to use? This can be related to the bombing of 911 and all their evil ways against the US. Thank you for bring this to our attention.

  2. How are they allowed to have a show like this and why hasn't diseny done anything about it.

  3. They are not able to have it on the air in the United States but they are able to have it on youtube for all nations to see. Disany has done something about it. They learned after trying to get them to change the Americans are well awhere of there doings.